Enjoy a culinary experience in the comfort of your private villa!

One of the best things about traveling is getting the opportunity to try local food and experience new specialties. Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine with wide use of vegetables, olive oil, fish, meat and wine!

Imagine a gathering with your friends in the comfort of your own villa while enjoying the amazing sea views and diving into the unique flavors prepared by our chefs.

Are you ready to spice up your holiday and explore the Greek cuisine? Choose a meal, Schedule a day and Enjoy the experience !

Bon Appetit!


Wanna have a cold beer upon arrival?

Enjoy your travel and arrive at your villa without any concerns about passing by a supermarket to fill your fridge! Simply write us the list of the supplies you need to be bought prior to your arrival and our team will make sure you have it all!



Fitness, Performance, Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for athletes during their off-season period. Combine injury rehab, yoga classes and sports massage in a warm weather training environment in Mikonos to enhance your return to playing from long-term injuries. Make the best possible preparation ahead of pre-season with sports-specific personal training tailored to your individual physique and condition with the help of our expert physiotherapy team.


Yoga means far more than performing difficult poses or practicing breathing techniques. Rather, yoga is a lifestyle! Certified yoga instructor RYT India practicing individual and group classes in several types of yoga including hatha yoga, power yoga, stretching, ashtanga yoga and yoga therapie. Learn to listen to your body and obtain spiritual harmony in Mykonos!


The ideal family vacation is one where everyone can enjoy themselves and have some free time to relax. We understand how important it is to have some personal time, but also understand how loving it is to have your children included in your holiday memories. Hiring a holiday nanny can help overcome any difficulties that come with traveling with kids. While you will have the flexibility to make your desired schedule, your kids will spend a wonderful time in the experienced hands of our nannies!


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